Sparks Fostering Team

Ashleigh Fallshor
Social worker, Yorkshire

I am one of the independent social workers on the team, I have been self employed for the past three years working in a variety of roles completing court reports as well as fostering assessments. I also undertake age assessments of unaccompanied asylum seekers. 

I have been a social worker since 2015, prior to that I have  worked within the childcare sector since 2011. I have worked/supported children from birth to adulthood and whilst I enjoy working directly with the children and young people I equally enjoy supporting prospective foster carers and ensuring they have a true understanding of what it means to care for a looked after child. I believe the most important skill aside from being able to build positive professional relationships, to have as a social worker is being able to be open and honest with people even during the difficult times. Respect is something that is earned and being open and honest with people whether they are a child or an adult helps them to be able to trust and share their experiences with you.  

I have previously worked within child protection and leaving care services before spending a short period of time working in a parenting residential unit it was whilst I was at the parenting assessment unit that I decided to become self employed and I became an independent assessor. 

The main reason I decided to become self employed is because of my own family. I have two young children and being self-employed provides me the flexibility to be there for them when they need me but also means I am able to provide for them.

As a family we are very busy, weekends and holidays are important and we enjoy days out, whenever we can we like to get away for a holiday in the sun. 

My belief is that as they get older children remember memories of time spent together as a family rather than the things they had  and it is important to begin building them memories as early as possible.

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