Resignation and de-registration of Foster Carers


Fostering is a very demanding role requiring specific skills, knowledge, and abilities – being a foster carer doesn’t suit everyone. Sparks Fostering prepares all foster carers for the role by expecting all applicants to read the main pages of the website before application, by providing preparation training and by offering information and advice during the assessment process. 

The information provided may lead the foster carer to withdraw their application. Alternatively, their personal circumstances may change, thereby making fostering untenable. Applicants who have not yet attended panel can withdraw their application at any time. 

Approved foster carers may give 28 days written notice of resignation to the fostering service.  If there were no significant issues or concerns, the foster carer can return to fostering at a later time, when their circumstances are improved. If a foster carer wishes to resume fostering after giving notice, they would need to undergo reapproval at panel (even if the notice period hasn’t expired).


See the section ‘Complaints/Whistleblowing‘ for detailed information about the complaints and allegations process. 

If a foster carer has been the subject of an investigation due to an allegation or serious complaint, Sparks Fostering will review the foster carer’s ongoing approval status at the conclusion of the investigation. The review will reassess the foster carer’s ongoing suitability to foster in light of the new information, alongside all of the information that the agency already has about the foster carer. If the social worker determines that there are ongoing concerns about the foster carer’s ability to meet the needs of children, the social worker can suggest further training, a change in approval range, other conditions for ongoing registration, or de-registration. The report will be presented to panel (as is the case when there are any significant incidents), which will follow the processes outlined in the guidance on ‘Panel meetings‘.