fostering Sibling Groups

There is a shortage of fostering households for sibling groups; sadly, this means that many siblings are separated. Being able to remain with siblings could be vital to a child’s emotional wellbeing. The complex layers of loss (including loss of siblings) is illustrated beautifully in this film (credit:

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Because of the shortage of carers of sibling groups, fostering homes who can offer care to sibling groups are more likely to have children placed with them than otherwise. These homes will be offered additional support from Sparks Fostering to help them to meet the needs of the children.

In situations where siblings are separated, attempts would be made to place them with foster carers who live close to each other. The foster carers would be expected to facilitate regular contact between the siblings and the fostering families are expected to develop a close working relationship. The children would be supported to build their sibling relationships and we would hope that these relationships extend into their adult life.