Peer Support for Foster Carers and Children

Sparks foster carers and children are encouraged to get to know each other so that they may support each other and learn from each other. Foster carers get to know each other via training and support groups, which may be held online or face-to-face.

Sparks Fostering also invites foster carers and their household to regional events which include staff members, such as meals and celebrations. Furthermore, children are encouraged to meet with each other and give feedback to Sparks Fostering, whenever this is possible.

Sparks Fostering staff are keen to accommodate any activities which the foster carers and children find to be beneficial for them.

Sparks Fostering has set up and is admin for a Facebook group which is open to anyone interested in fostering. Sparks foster carers and staff are encouraged to join. There are also other Facebook groups which are only accessible to approved foster carers – Sparks Foster carers are encouraged to join so that they can access independent support when it is needed. 

Foster carers also have the option of registration with FosterTalk, click here for further information

If foster carers which to join any other fostering associations or groups, they are welcome to do so. Foster carers should keep in mind that information about residents can only be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis (even within the fostering service) and that Sparks Fostering templates and policies and procedures etc. are commercially sensitive and/or copyrighted.