foster carers with Criminal Records

Having a criminal record does not necessarily exclude someone from become a foster carer; for example, if someone had shoplifted as a teenager and they are now much older with different life circumstances and is remorseful for their actions, this should not stop them from becoming a foster carer. Indeed, sometimes having such incidents in the past can indicate that the foster carer has overcome hardship and challenges in their life.

However, there are some crimes which are listed in regulation which would prevent an application to foster: Most of the crimes listed involve serious offending against children.

If you are unsure as to whether your previous offending history would prevent you from fostering, you should contact Sparks Fostering and explain your circumstances. Applicants should note that an enhanced police check is carried out for all members of the household who are over 18 years old (and for backup carers). If it is discovered at any point of the assessment that the applicants have been dishonest, even about issues that they may consider to be minor, this would have serious impact on their application and may prevent them from fostering. Therefore, the best approach to the assessment is to be completely honest and to ask the professionals to advise you accordingly.