Preparation and Application to Foster

Before applying to foster, applicants should ensure that they have a reasonable understanding of what the fostering task entails – this can be achieved by reading the content on the Sparks Fostering website. The information provided is a strong foundation for all applicants and it helps with the fostering task even after approval.

After reading through the information on the website, applicants should speak with their household members and their support network, to gather their views and ensure that they would be ready to support the applicants during the assessment and following approval as foster carers.

Before applying, applicants should also be mindful that the assessment period will take several months, and during that time the applicants would be asked to commit a few hours a week to complete the application. Applicants should ensure that they have the capacity to engage in the assessment. Applicants will be supported to develop their understanding of the fostering task during the assessment period, so that they can be better prepared to meet the needs of the children who will join the home.