‘Staying Put’ Arrangements

The age range for foster care is 0 to 17 years old; however, under ‘staying put’ arrangements, the local authority supports foster carers to be able to care for all children in fostering placements until the age of 21. Furthermore, if the child should engage in further education, the local authority could potentially support the fostering placement until age 25. Sparks Fostering can continue to support foster carers of children under ‘Staying Put’ arrangements if the local authority requests it.

Formal arrangements aside, it is a core value of Sparks Fostering that we are able to provide stability for children, particularly since children in foster care have already experienced significant instability in their life. The need for stability, care, commitment and to feel valued in the primary home does not end at 18, or 21 or 25. All children who are cared for by Sparks Fostering are considered to be part of the Sparks Fostering family and they will be welcome to remain in touch with Sparks fostering staff and foster carers and receive whatever support we are able to give to the young people, for an indefinite length of time. This may mean that some foster carers choose to suspend their fostering role until the child (now adult) is ready to move out; or it could mean that children are welcome to visit the fostering home for Sunday lunch and/or special occasions