Sparks Fostering Locations


Sparks Fostering recruits foster carers in Accrington and in the surrounding areas. We also actively recruit in the neighbouring area of our foster carers so that we can build up a local community of support. The assessment and support we offer is mostly a combination of home visits and remote/video communication; however, every few months we will ask you to come along to social events or perhaps even to a visit to our head office in central Manchester.

Could you become a foster carer?

If you have a spare bedroom, time to care for vulnerable children and plenty of compassion and love to share, you should consider becoming a foster carer. There is a shortage of foster carers in your area, which means that it is difficult to find suitable homes for vulnerable children. The Sparks Fostering website provides a comprehensive overview of the role of foster carers and if you feel ready to take the next steps, you could complete a free no-obligation Quiz.

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Children at the front and centre of our work

We provide care for children

The role of the foster carer

Foster carers provide homes for vulnerable children – it would be similar to having a niece or nephew coming to live with you for either a few days or potentially a few years. Foster carers provide all the day to day care for the child/ren, whilst also respecting the children’s birth parents.

In addition to the core caring tasks, such as supporting the child with their education, health and emotional development, foster carers would support the child/ren with leisure and social development. Foster carers living in Accrington have access to a several child friendly locations, such as Hynburn Leisure Centre, The Jump Works Trampoline Park and Limitless Community Hub. Foster carers in Accrington would also be expected to travel a little further afield for children’s activities, such as going to Blackburn, Burnley, Preston or Bolton. To learn more about the role of foster carers, click here.

Our Work

The founder and Director of Sparks Fostering (Tay) grew up in the North West, lives locally in Manchester (which is where Sparks Fostering is based) and has worked all over the country. There are challenges for children living in Accrington, because the area has a relatively high crime rate – foster carers in the area are giving high levels of support to help the children achieve well for themselves. The head office for Sparks Fostering is in Manchester; however, foster carers are not expected to make regular trips to Manchester because most of the work is completed within the fostering home and/or via video calls. Foster carers would only travel to meet other foster carers and staff for occasional training and social events.

Transferring foster carers

Sometimes foster carers choose to move providers – usually because they don’t feel adequately supported by their fostering provider. Sparks Fostering welcomes enquiries by foster carers who would like some advice about any challenges with their current fostering service. Sparks Fostering is a highly ethical service who discourages foster carers from moving services if any differences can be amicably resolved and we would support foster carers to resolve issues with their current provider. However, if the issues cannot be resolved, Sparks Fostering would be willing to complete an expedited assessment so that the foster carer/s can transfer to Sparks Fostering. To learn more about transferring to Sparks Fostering, click here.