Sparks Fostering Locations


Sparks Fostering is based out of Manchester, where our headquarters can be found in Deansgate square, and we proudly serve many of the surrounding areas, including Burnley

About Sparks Fostering

We offer a high degree of care, attention to detail, and expertise across all the locations we serve. Burnley is a fast-growing, dynamic and diverse town, and one which we are proud to be able to operate in. We serve foster parents and children of all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, and our experiences of operating in Burnley have helped us to grow and develop as a fostering provider, and to understand the needs of diverse people in great depth, allowing us to be confident in providing a high-quality service to all of the residents of Burnley.

Fast track assessment for approved carers

Excellent support and benefits

Children at the front and centre of our work

We provide care for children

Burnley’s children in need

We are glad to be a hub of information and resources about fostering, and as such would like to encourage all of the residents of Burnley to make use of the resources on our website to help them to consider whether they would like to join us in our mission to provide life changing foster care to all of Burnley’s children in need.

Our Work

We understand that becoming a foster parent can be a challenging transition, and it is important to us that our Burnley based carers and children feel looked after. As such, we endeavour to provide clear and regular guidance, training and advice. For instance, as a foster parent we will meet with you to discuss your general care plan, the health and education of the child, or any other issues that crop up during your time as a foster parent. 

We look after children who are in the care of Burnley local authority, and we work closely with social workers to ensure that we offer the best possible care to the children.

The Areas Covered By Burnley Local Authority

Burnley local authority asks Sparks Fostering to place children with foster carers from all areas of Burnley, including:

  • Brunshaw
  • Cliviger
  • Worsthorne
  • Rose hill
  • Gannow
  • Queensgate
  • Whittlefield