Sparks Fostering Team

Sehar Hamdani
Care experienced consultant

Sehar is a care leaver who over the years has helped with recruitment for foster careers in the Midlands as well as working with the Manchester City Council ‘Virtual Head’ in supporting young people with education. Sehar has also worked with greater Manchester police as part of their Independent Advisory Group.

Sehar has a degree in psychology and law and was the first member of her family to pursue higher education despite her challenges. Sehar was recognised as one of fifty students to archived a 100% score in Government and Politics and was awarded the Helen Kennedy Foundation award.

Sehar has completed her postgraduate course in 2018, namely the Legal Practice Course and works as a paralegal at the General Medical Council. Sehar also has a background in working in child abuse law and has worked with non-profit organisations in leadership as well as policy making. Sehar is now pursing her career in law and is working towards qualifying as a solicitor.

Sehar currently sits on several fostering panels with local authorities and other independent agencies.

Sehar’s motto in life is to “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

Sehar’s experience and achievement fuel her passion to help others in any way she can, whether that is through law or by helping recruit the right foster career who can truly help children in care flourish.

Whilst Sehar was in care she lived in over 10 different foster homes and also other accommodation varying from semi secure units, a children’s home and a hostel.

Working with Sparks

Sehar first met Tay in 2017 at a conference relating to Islamphobia, and they instantly clicked, sharing their passion and vision to help children in care and to educate the Muslim community at large about the importance of considering fostering, if they met the criteria. Sehar shared her background and story with Tay, which led to Sehar being part of the ‘My Muslim Fostering Family’ documentary (produced by Tay) and assisting Tay in tackling the taboos and misconceptions held by the community regarding fostering. Over the years Sehar has not only developed a professional relationship, but also a strong friendship, and Tay is her mentor and friend, but she also consider Tay as an older sister and part of her family and support network. 

Due to Sehar’s care experience background and her background in policy making, law and leadership, Sehar is not only part of the fostering panel as an independent panel member but also a sparks ambassador, advisor and independent advisor at senior management level. Sehar is dedicated and committed to the Sparks vision and understands from her interaction with the community and other professionals that the process and steps to becoming a foster carer can be challenging and burdened with long forms and various loops to jump through. Sehar recognises that sparks simplifies and streamlines those processes, whilst still maintaining the correct filters and procedures to ensure that Sparks only recruits the highest and best matched individuals. Sehar shares Tay’s vision and drive in ensuring that Sparks delivers the best care for children in our care and becomes one of the leading agencies due to its genuine passion and transparency, whilst working from a place which is child focused and compassionate.

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