Learning and Development Pathway

Training, Support and Development Standards

Explaining in details


It is a mandatory (and legal) requirement for foster carers to complete the ‘Training, Support and Development Standards’ within 12 months of becoming approved as foster carers. One booklet is to be completed for each fostering family (i.e. fostering couples/families submit one booklet only).

The Booklet

(to be completed by foster carers and signed off by their supervising social workers)

The supervising social worker can answer questions about the TSDS handbook and provide general advice. If more intensive support is required (e.g. support with writing your answers), this can be booked in as additional support with the supervising social worker (or support worker), who will be renumerated via the ‘Training and Events Allowance’.

Ideally foster carers would have children in placement while completing the workbook; however, that is not an essential requirement. Prior experience of supporting children and their families can be applied to answer the questions in the workbook. The workbook has to be completed within a year of approval, regardless of how much experience has been obtained; the supervising social worker will provide support and learning opportunities where the foster carer is struggling.

The TSDS booklet is to be signed off and uploaded to the foster carer(s) Training Record prior to the foster carer’s annual review.